Virgil Busuioc 


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Bio Balance is a company with over 10 years of activity in massage therapy at the office.
It offers premium corporate services.

Royal Balance is the first company in Romania that offers massage service in most of the commercial centers.

We provide the best quality in terms of automatic massage chairs and maintenance.

Armony Life is a corporate private gym that offers wellness services.
Our partners have at their disposal a fitness room, sports classes and massage service,
this complete package being integrated in the process of employees’ motivation.

Darmatech deals with the execution of various construction works for residential buildings,
hospitality industry, corporate, retail, halls, concrete platforms and sidewalks, water basins.

BusinessCenters is an independent real estate company specialized in both the sale and rental of properties, especially corporate, but also residential.


Starts Electronica si telecomunicatii

Jumped to sport and wellness , corporate

Came back to robots

Expanding to management / property/ constructions


Active domains:

Corporate services/benefits

Wellness and sports

Real Estate


Project Management

Property Management